TAG Heuer precios 2012

08/08/2012 - Marcas de Relojes
TAG Heuer precios 2012

Principales Referencias De los Relojes TAG Heuer:


Automatic Link Stainless Steal Chronograph
The modern and elegant Automatic Link Stainless Steal Chronograph belongs to link automatic series of TAG Heuer. This gentle look wrist watch classified as men wear watch. This watch is made of stainless steal. Its dial colour is grey and white, case diameter and thickness is 43mm and 16mm respectively. Its water resistance capacity is 200meters bracelet width is 21mm.


Vintage Carrera 18ct Chronograph
This elegant and impressive wrist watch introduced by TAG Heuer in 1975. Vintage Carrera 18ct Chronograph was launched for men wear. It has golden dial with date and black leather straps. It has automatic movement. Its diameter size is 38mm. Vintage Carrera 18ct Chronograph was the first an automatic chronograph watch ever.


Women's Quartz Alter Ego Stainless Steel
Quartz Alter Ego Stainless Steel by TAG Heuer is a stylish and modern wrist watch. It classified as casual watch for women wear. Its dial color is white with silver hands. Bracelet is made of stainless steel. Case diameter and thickness is 30mm and 8mm respectively. Bracelet width is 17mm. Women's Quartz Alter Ego Stainless Steel’s water resistant capacity is 100 meters.


Men's Quartz Formula 1 Black Rubber Chronograph
This functional watch belongs to Formula1 series. It was mended for sports wear by TAG Heuer. Its style is chronograph. This smart watch’s case and strap made of stainless steal and black rubber respectively. Case diameter is 42mm and thickness is 13mm. Its water resistant power is 200m. It is the best sports watch.


Tag Heuer Monaco Series
Tag Heuer Monaco series has the innovative design and contemporary, fabulous watches. Tag Heuer Monaco series has the automatic chronograph watch. Monaco automatic chronograph has the chronograph functions, nice look, beautiful and comfortable strap in black and brown calfskin, automatic movement, functionality of the elapsed and total time, folding buckle as well. Monaco watches are also available in the spongy, comfortable leather strap in different fascinating color and attractive design. Monaco automatic watch is most famous and attractive watch from the Tag Heuer series. It has the hour, minute, polished stainless steel case, stainless steel bezel, soft leather strap in attractive color with folding buckle, and the water resistance to 50 meters.


Tag Heuer Carrera Series
Tag Heuer Carrera series is one of the most popular and famous watch series from the Tag Heuer which consist on the automatic chronograph tachymeter, automatic chronograph, and automatic watches. Tag Heuer Carrera watches is available in contemporary, enchanting leather strap and stainless steel bracelet in many exciting design and color. Carrera automatic chronograph tachymeter has the beautiful stainless steel case in attractive design, black dial color with three sub dial, a large date display at the 3 ‘o clock, scratch resistance sapphire, scratch resistance case back, and water resistance to 50 meters.


Tag Heuer SLR Collection
Tag Heuer SLR collection has the elegant and classy Tag Heuer Automatic chronograph watch. TAG Heuer automatic chronograph watch has the automatic chronograph, sapphire crystal with the coating of the anti reflecting on the both sides and scratch resistance, polished stainless steel round shape case, black dial color, spongy and comfortable, contemporary leather strap with unique design, tachymeter bezel to scale the speed and has the two polished fluted crowns at 3 ‘o clock and 9 ‘o clock. Tag Heuer produces this special purpose watch for the motor sportsmen and drivers in respect to calculate the speed and time.


Tag Heuer Golf Watch
Tag Heuer also deigns the special purpose watches for the Golf players. These watches have the specific functionality to meet the requirements of the Golfers. Tag Heuer Golf Watch is the most famous between the Golfer due to its fabulous design and unique functionality. It has the polished stainless steel case with soft and comfortable strap. Tag Heuer golf watch is so comfortable that it do not bother or resists to a golfer at the time of the shot or swing.


Tag Heuer Aquaracer Watches
Tag Heuer also produces the sports watches for men and women in many fabulous and enchanting design and colors. Tag Heuer Aquaracer watches collection has the automatic, quartz, chronograph sports watches in many delightful and colorful design. Tag Heuer sports watches are available in both the comfortable leather strap and stainless steel bracelet in many sophisticated design. Aquaracer automatic chronograph watch has the stainless steel bracelet, round shape fascinating stainless steel case with diameter of 41 millimeters, scratch resistance, a large display of date at 3 ‘ o clock


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Lista De Precios De Relojes TAG Heuer 2012


Serie TAG Heuer Monaco:

MarcaModeloReferenciaDescripción PrecioTAG HeuerMonacoWAW2170.FC6261V471.210 €TAG HeuerMonacoCAL5110.FC6265Cronógrafo Twenty Four8.300 €TAG HeuerMonacoCAW2110.FC6177Cronógrafo Calibre 123.900 €TAG HeuerMonacoCAW2111.FC6183Cronógrafo Calibre 123.900 €TAG HeuerMonacoCAL2110.BA0781Cronógrafo LS Calibre 125.200 €TAG HeuerMonacoCAL2110.FC6257Cronógrafo LS Calibre 125.200 €TAG HeuerMonacoWAW1313.FC6247Reloj Cuarzo Diamantes4.075 €TAG HeuerMonacoWAW1315.FC6217Reloj Cuarzo Diamantes2.095 €


Serie TAG Heuer Formula 1:

MarcaModeloReferenciaDescripción PrecioTAG HeuerFormula 1CAH1113.BA0850Cronógrafo Cuarzo950 €TAG HeuerFormula 1CAH1011.BA0860Cronógrafo Cuarzo Gran Calendario1.150 €TAG HeuerFormula 1CAH1012.FT6026Reloj TAG Heuer F1 Gran Fecha1.250 €TAG HeuerFormula 1WAH111C.BA0850Reloj Cuarzo Alarma900 €TAG HeuerFormula 1CAH101B.BA0860Cronógrafo Indy 500 Gran Calendario1.250 €TAG HeuerFormula 1WAH1011.BA0854Reloj Cuarzo Gran Calendario750 €TAG HeuerFormula 1CAH7010.BA0854Calibre SN/DTAG HeuerFormula 1WAH1110.BA0858Reloj Cuarzo750 €TAG HeuerFormula 1WAH1113.FT6025Reloj Cuarzo710 €TAG HeuerFormula 1WAH1210.BA0859Lady Cerámica1.100 €TAG HeuerFormula 1WAH1213.BA0861Lady Cerámica1.650 €TAG HeuerFormula 1WAC1214.BA0859Lady Cerámica1.900 €TAG HeuerFormula 1CAC1310.BA0852Cronógrafo Cuarzo Diamantes2.440 €TAG HeuerFormula 1WAC1214.FC6218Reloj Cuarzo Diamantes1.850 €


Serie TAG Heuer Carrera:

MarcaModeloReferenciaDescripciónPrecioTAG HeuerCarreraCAR2110.BA0720Cronógrafo Calibre 1887N/DTAG HeuerCarreraCAR2111.FC6266Cronógrafo Calibre 1887N/DTAG HeuerCarreraCV2A11.FC6235Cronógrafo Calibre 16 Day-Date3.300 €TAG HeuerCarreraCV2A10.BA0796Cronógrafo Calibre 16 Day-Date3.350 €TAG HeuerCarreraCV2010.BA0794Cronógrafo Calibre 162.750 €TAG HeuerCarreraCV2014.FT6014Cronógrafo Calibre 162.700 €TAG HeuerCarreraCV7A12.BA0795Cronógrafo Calibre SN/DTAG HeuerCarreraCV7A13.BA0795Cronógrafo Calibre SN/DTAG HeuerCarreraWV211M.BA0787Calibre 51.750 €TAG HeuerCarreraWV211B.BA0787Calibre 51.595 €TAG HeuerCarreraWV2116.FC6181Calibre 7 Twin-Time1.850 €TAG HeuerCarreraWV2212.BA0798Calibre 5 LadyN/DTAG HeuerCarreraWV2212.FC6264Calibre 5 Lady3.200 €TAG HeuerCarreraWV1450.BD0797Reloj Cuarzo Acero y Oro Diamantes3.200 €TAG HeuerCarreraWV1410.BA0793Reloj Cuarzo Diamantes1.895 €TAG HeuerCarreraWV2413.BA0793Reloj Cuarzo Diamantes3.330 €


Serie TAG Heuer Grand Carrera:

MarcaModeloReferenciaDescripción PrecioTAG HeuerGrand CarreraCAV5185.FC6237Cronógrafo Calibre 36 RS Caliper6.450 €TAG HeuerGrand CarreraCAV5115.FT6019Cronógrafo Calibre 36 RS Caliper6.100 €TAG HeuerGrand CarreraCAV518B.FC6237Cronógrafo Calibre 17 RS2 Ti24.800 €TAG HeuerGrand CarreraCAV518E.FT6016Cronógrafo Calibre 17 RS2 Ti27.900 €TAG HeuerGrand CarreraCAV515C.FC6231Cronógrafo Calibre 17 RS6.400 €TAG HeuerGrand CarreraCAV511A.BA0902Cronógrafo Calibre 17 RS4.200 €TAG HeuerGrand CarreraCAV511B.FC6231Cronógrafo Calibre 17 RS4.200 €TAG HeuerGrand CarreraWAV5111.BA0901Calibre 8 RS Gran Calendario GMT3.200 €TAG HeuerGrand CarreraWAV5113.FC6231Calibre 8 RS Gran Calendario GMT3.200 €TAG HeuerGrand CarreraWAV511A.BA0900Calibre 6 RS2.600 €TAG HeuerGrand CarreraWAV511B.FC6224Calibre 6 RS2.600 €


Serie TAG Heuer Aquaracer:

MarcaModeloReferenciaDescripción PrecioTAG HeuerAquaracerCAJ2110.FT6023Cronógrafo 500M Calibre 162.450 €TAG HeuerAquaracerCAJ2110.BA0872Cronógrafo 500M Calibre 162.500 €TAG HeuerAquaracerWAJ2150.FT6015500M Calibre 53.150 €TAG HeuerAquaracerWAJ2110.BA0870500M Calibre 51.995 €TAG HeuerAquaracerWAJ2180.FT6015500M Calibre 52.000 €TAG HeuerAquaracerCAN1011.BA0821Cronógrafo Gran Calendario1.450 €TAG HeuerAquaracerWAN2110.BA0822Calibre 51.290 €TAG HeuerAquaracerWAP2010.BA0830Calibre 51.295 €TAG HeuerAquaracerWAP2011.BA0830Calibre 51.295 €TAG HeuerAquaracerWAF1014.BA0822Reloj Gran Calendario1.150 €TAG HeuerAquaracerCAF101E.BA0821Cronógrafo Gran Calendario1.350 €TAG HeuerAquaracerWAF2011.BA0818Calibre 5 Day-Date1.450 €TAG HeuerAquaracerWAF111Z.BA0801Reloj Cuarzo Alarma1.150 €TAG HeuerAquaracerWAF1120.BB0807Reloj Cuarzo Acero y Oro1.200 €TAG HeuerAquaracerCAF7010.FT8011Cronógrafo Calibre S1.750 €TAG HeuerAquaracerCAF2010.BA0815Cronógrafo Calibre 16 Day-Date2.200 €TAG HeuerAquaracerCAF2120.BB0816Cronógrafo Calibre 162.150 €TAG HeuerAquaracerCAF2110.BA0809Cronógrafo Calibre 161.900 €TAG HeuerAquaracerWAF1313.BA0819Reloj Cuarzo Diamantes3.200 €TAG HeuerAquaracerWAF1350.BB0820Reloj Cuarzo Acero y Oro Diamantes3.950 €TAG HeuerAquaracerWAF1415.BA0824Reloj Cuarzo Esfera Diamantes1.650 €TAG HeuerAquaracerWAF1416.BA0824Reloj Cuarzo Bisel Diamantes2.750 €


Serie TAG Heuer Link:

MarcaModeloReferenciaDescripción PrecioTAG HeuerLinkCJF7110.BA0592Cronógrafo Calibre S2.370 €TAG HeuerLinkCJF7111.BA0592Cronógrafo Calibre S2.370 €TAG HeuerLinkWJ2010.BA0591Calibre 7 WorldtimerN/DTAG HeuerLinkCJF2110.BA0594Cronógrafo Calibre 162.500 €TAG HeuerLinkCJF2114.BA0594Cronógrafo Calibre 162.500 €TAG HeuerLinkWJF1010.BA0592Gran Calendario Tiger WoodsN/DTAG HeuerLinkWJF211A.BA0570Calibre 6N/DTAG HeuerLinkWJF211C.BA0570Calibre 6N/DTAG HeuerLinkWJF2011.BA0592Calibre 5 Day-Date1.995 €TAG HeuerLinkWJF2050.BB0593Calibre 5 Day-Date2.550 €TAG HeuerLinkCJF1314.BA0580Cronógrafo Joya3.900 €TAG HeuerLinkWJF1319.BA0572Reloj Cuarzo Diamantes3.100 €TAG HeuerLinkWJF1354.BB0581Reloj Cuarzo Acero y Oro Diamantes3.200 €

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